Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dr. Roz and Kil: The Difference is Why

"The Female's Perspective"

Dr. Roz's View

Intimacy for women is not just about SEX, it’s an emotional connection, sex is just the bonus! We like to be in tune with our spouse and confident in our relationships. It begins for us when we feel like we are the apple of your eye, that you have fully accepted us, can protect and provide for us, and desire us! While we do enjoy sex just as much as men, being intimate with you is more about maintaining an emotional connection than a physical release.

True intimacy is sharing your vulnerabilities, letting your guard down, becoming real with us. When you choose to not share your world with us, to not consider us as a friend, you become confused when we don’t want to be with you sexually. For women sex is a spiritual emotional journey that must first begin with knowing that our partner wants to be intimate with us. We need to know that you trust us with your vulnerabilities! Ladies, regardless if we realize it or not, we need for our spouse to be vulnerable because as women we are innate nurturers, and their vulnerabilities is the perfect playground that fulfils our need to nurture.

Brothers, when you are intimate with us, it provides the security that you desire us, we are connected emotionally, and you’ve met that emotional need. However YOU MUST be consistent! Too much lapse in an emotional connection or intimate moment is confusing and frustrating for your lady and can lead down that road of dangerous assumptions ( is he with someone else, does he desire me, etc...). So men, learn to be open with us, share with us, and don’t be afraid of an emotional connection! When we feel secure in our relationships, we become the best spouses in turn meeting all of your needs!

So for future reference, a woman always wants to be intimate because we are emotional beings! We want to have sex, we just may not want to have it with you if our emotional needs are not being met. So make sure you communicate with your significant other about what intimacy looks like for them to become more in tune with the person that you love!


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