Friday, October 22, 2010

Dr. Roz and Kil: How to Meet the Top Five Needs of a Man!

Dr. Roz's Perspective
Kil is telling the truth, we do argue about just about everything especially when it comes to how men and women feel about sex! So I am not surprised that his number one need for men, would be sex of course! lol However, ladies we do have to stop rationing out sex, if that is your mode of operation! Kil makes a great point in stating that we send our sexless husbands out into the world to women that are willing to do everything that we aren’t. Sex is suppose to be a beautiful act between two people that love each other, but once we allow our resentment for our spouse to come into play with our sex life that’s when the problems begin. So ladies if our men need sex, they oughta get it from us and not the jump off down the street!

Kil reports that a man’s second need is Peace! I can certainly understand this because I don’t want to be arguing and beefing all the time as well. So ladies, I guess we have to learn how to fight our battles! If we do have an issue with our spouse maybe we should look at our role in the situation as well and figure out a way that we can respond better. I know easier said than done, but if everyone in the relationship is evaluating their behaviors in the relationship, then maybe we can decrease some of the arguments we have in our home and create some peace and happiness in our homes!

Support is the third need reported! I can certainly agree with this as participants in a relationship, support should be a main priority! I don’t know any relationship that has lasted without genuine support from each other. I know sometimes it’s hard to support a crazy idea, trust me I know. My husband watched an animal show and then told me he wanted to raise lion cubs. So I looked at him waiting for him to say, I’m just kidding, (which never happened), but I do know that my husband is passionate about animals so if he wants to raise lion cubs, they just can’t be raised in our backyard! Lol So ladies, if support is what our men need, let’s make sure we are building them up to be the best head of household for our families!

Friendship was stated as the fourth need and I actually think that this is a great idea. I think we see our husbands as someone that we have a romantic relationship with, not realizing that the friendship is what keeps us wanting to be romantically linked to them. In the beginning we get together because we like certain aspects about each other and as the relationship progresses and life comes into play, those aspects are put on the back burner and we think that love alone will keep the relationship going! So ladies I challenge you to try to develop an interest in something that your husband likes and hopefully he will do the same for you!

Last but not least, Trust! I have to agree with Kil believe it or not, but we can’t keep accusing our spouses of stuff that people in our past have done to us! It’s very easy to do when we are triggered from trauma of our past, but we have to be able to move past that and trust ourselves as well, that our mates are a result of a decision that we have made and prayerfully we made a good decision. Ladies if we put the shoe on the other foot, we would hate it if we were being questioned about everything or caught him snooping through our emails, facebook, and phone. So let’s trust our decisions and our mates and pray that God is directing and guiding our relationship!


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