Friday, October 15, 2010

Dr. Roz and Kil: Top 5 Things a Woman Needs in her Marriage or Relationship

Women aren’t that hard to figure out if you invest inthe time to understand your mate, but for some peoplethis seems like an impossible feat! So for all of you men out there that can’t seem to figure your wife or significant other out, let me help you out a bit.

Your wife needs to feel desired by you! She needs to know that she is the apple of your eye and that she is enough for you! You have to continuously reassure her of how you feel about her. Please don’t forget about the romance. Often times we get so comfortable in our relationships that we stop doing those romantic things that we were doing in the beginning to impress our spouse. You have chosen this person for the rest of your life, why not continue to keep wanting to give them your best.
Brothers, you have to communicate with your wife. Talking creates intimacy for us! It is how we connect emotionally with you. Women always want to talk because it is a turn on to know that you can have a non forced conversation with your spouse, it’s not because we want to get on your nerves. As mentioned before, “nagging” occurs as an attempt to try to balance the relationship, to connect with you, and to see if you are willing to meet whatever that need is that we may have. Brothers, talk to your wife or significant other, actually care about her day! The more in tune you are with your significant other the more you will get your needs met!
Surprise, surprise, women want sex too, in fact we think about it probably as much as men do! If your wife is not having sex with you regularly, it’s not that she doesn’t want to have sex, she just does not want to have sex with you! If you are making your wife feel as if you desire her and you are creating intimacy with her with communication, you can get your sexual needs met as well! FYI, as women we have to take care of so much! We are mothers, professionals, and caretakers just to name a few, every once and awhile, we want for the man to take full control in the bedroom! It’s every girl’s fantasy to be ravaged and to feel so desired like our mates absolutely has to be with us! You know, like the first time you were intimate with your spouse, you were trying to impress and you really did want to ravage their bodies because it was a new experience for you both! Brothers, if the first was a good experience, then we expect that out of you at all times! You give us your best, we will give you our best!
Brothers, we have to be secure in knowing that you can protect us and provide for us! We understand that people get down on their luck, but if we are out working and you are home playing video games without any attempt to try to provide for your family, then that’s a problem! Security is super important to us. You should never create a doubt in us that you can’t protect us! You have to understand that we leave our father’s house of protection (those of us fortunate enough to have our father’s in the home), into yours! Once you make that vow to protect us, that is what we expect from you! While it may seem like a burden to you, it’s a blessing in having the ability to protect and provide for your wife and your family. You should be your wife’s hero, because trust me, if you don’t there is someone else that will!
Last but not least, we desire commitment, honesty, love, and support! This should be a no brainer, but if you didn’t know then now you are informed. I know as women we may change our minds about things constantly and I know that this may drive you guys insane, but there is nothing greater than a man supporting his wife’s endeavors ( if it is reasonable) regardless if whatever it is fails or succeed! Trust me, you do not want to cause an issue where resentment can take place because someone feels as if they are unsupported in the relationship. Commitment, honesty and love should not have to be explained you would think, but everyone has a different definition of what those three things mean and it’s important to discuss these things with your spouse and come up with a compromise of what it means for your relationship together. So brothers this is just an outline on how to get started to get the best our of your relationship, but you have to do the work with your spouse to know exactly what her needs may be and work at trying to meet those needs and hopefully she is working to meet your needs as well!


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