Friday, November 26, 2010

Dr. Roz and Kil: Can One Person Satisfy ALL of Your Needs?

Can one person satisfy all of your needs?

Kil's View
I was asked this question last week by one of my single peoples and my answer is very simple, yes one person can meet all of your needs...IF THEY WANT TO!

See, marriage is all about being a servant to your spouse but most folk don't realize that, and even if they do realize it, they still don't want to be a servant. Not too many people are thinking "how can I make my wife happy" or "how can I make my husband feel loved"? We're usually on the opposite side of the spectrum, thinking about ourselves. Most married folk have a cap on what they're willing to do for their spouse. It may be a wife saying "I'm only willing to do THIS but not THAT" and a husband may be saying "I'm willing to talk to her THIS long but not THAT long" and with statements like that, it's not that one person CAN'T meet all your needs, it's that they WON'T meet all of your needs. Which most times leads to one of the spouses (or both) eventually finding someone else to meet those needs.

 Dr. Roz's View

I must agree with Kil on this point. One person is able to satisfy all of your needs, if your needs are communicated properly to that person and they are WILLING to meet your needs! Often times, we are selfish in relationships and are so focused on our needs not being met and seldomly think about are we doing all that we can to meet our spouses needs! Truth be told, it can be an overwhelming process or it may just boil down to pure laziness and the lack of desire to work that hard in our relationships. Most people often do not want to WORK in their relationships, but in everything else in life, we have to work for it to achieve successful results, is not your marriage or relationship that important? If we change the way that we feel about the work that goes into a relationship and let it become second nature, then we will succeed at meeting all of our spouse's needs!


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