Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dr. Roz and Kil: Is There Anything Wrong With Internet Dating?

Kil’s 2 Cents

Me personally, I don’t find anything wrong with internet dating because I’ve heard some great success stories and some real horrible stories. So, it sounds just like regular dating. I personally just don’t get it. I’m old school, I wanna see someone, try to talk to them (or they try to kick it to me) and it moves on from there. But I’m really not an internet dude in the first place. Prior to the MOP situation, I only used the net for email and downloading music. Never was on Black Planet or Black People meet Black People, or whatever those sites are called. Like I said it’s not my steez. But hey, it works for some folk. I just don’t get how people fall in love via facebook, twitter, etc and you’ve never even met the person! I’m just saying, even if you meet the person on line, can you at least finally meet them in person SOMEDAY! But just having a relationship strictly online…I don’t get it. But remember…I’m old school.

Roz’s 2 Cents
Match.Com, EHarmony, BlackPlanet, or JDATE they are all the same, an avenue to provide you with hope to meet someone special! There is absolutely nothing wrong with online dating as long as the two adults involved are responsible! The problems come into play when people begin to trust and quickly fall in love with someone they have never met all because you have great chemistry over the phone or through text and email. I always like to caution females, especially to be careful and to do their due diligence before they began to quickly trust any potential partner whether it is online or in a club. Do your research! Nowadays you can google a person or check other online programs to see if the individual is legit. Ladies, you can also check to see if someone has posted a profile about your soon to be suitor. Please note that many people lie in their profiles so before you start sending your most provocative pictures to someone you met online, be sure that this is truly the person you think you are sending your pictures to! Remember that once you send those pictures out, you can’t control what happens to them after that. If you live in a state like North Carolina, you might want to check to make sure that your suitor is not married or you might find yourself with an alienation of affection lawsuit from his wife! Be smart when dating online and try not to reveal so much of your information upfront. Make sure this person can be trusted with your personal information before you start giving them the details of your life, you never know how someone may use this information against you! Be sure to be completely honest about what you want in a relationship and ask the right questions to make sure that any potential partner wants the same things that you want!


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