Friday, December 10, 2010

Dr. Roz and Kil: Does the Media influence How We Percieve What a Marriage Should be?

I agree with Kil on how Chris Rock is amazing in discussing real life events in his comedy act and that the media completely influences how we perceive things. However, I think the media influences women a bit differently than how men may be influenced in regards to marriage.

In my honest opinion, I believe the media focuses more on the wedding rather than the marriage completely. I know I planned my wedding at the age of five, bought bridal books while in college, watched all of the bridal shows, (TLC's A Wedding Story, Bridezilla, just to name a few)!  All in preparation for the big day, but I can honestly tell you on September 17, 2006, a day after my wedding, that's when I thought about what my marriage would be!

My complete focus was on the details of the wedding, having the perfect dress, the perfect caterer, the perfect song, and the perfect venue. I drove myself, my family and friends, and my three wedding coordinators crazy!

For this reason alone, I think that this blog is so important, real people have to tell the real truth about marriage and to encourage others to think about everything in a marriage, not just the wedding! So follower's what are your thoughts, especially women, does media influence the aspects of the wedding more than the actual marriage?


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