Friday, December 24, 2010

Dr. Roz and Kil: How to Find the Right Mate, The Right Way!

I completely agree with Kil's assessment about praying for the right mate! I do believe in consulting God or your higher power with all my decisions, especially my major life decisions! However, I want to twist this segmesnt a bit and query you on whether you are the right mate!

Often times, we lie to ourselves and like to think that we are the best person that anybody can have in their lives! We often say , you will never find anybody better than me, or She can't love you like I can, but we never stop to think about what we truly bring to our relationships in regards to our flaws and assets!

How often do you ask yourself if you are the right mate for someone and what makes you the right mate! How often do you spend time with yourself to figure out how to better you! It's my personal opinion ( and could possibly pass for a professional opinion) that you can't be a mate for anyone if you do not know what you bring to the table! What makes you a great spouse, what attributes do you have, what are your flaws, and are they liveable flaws? What I mean by liveable flaws is simply does your flaws not cause too much tension between you and your spouse and it's something that can be looked over. However, if infidelity, substance abuse, or finances are part of your flaws, those are not liveable flaws, as they will cause too much tension in your relationship!

So while you are searching for that right mate, I challenge you to make sure that you are the right mate for someone once you are found! And yes ladies, you are to be found! So ladies work on yourself, so when Prince Charming does come your way, you are ready to receive the blessing that God has bestowed on you!


Anonymous said...

Roz I love your take on this by having us examine if we're the right mate for someone. When I started really praying and trusting God to send me a mate, each time I prayed He showed me something about myself that needed to be worked out. The biggest thing God showed me about myself (a Christian, saved for nearly 10 years) is that I didn't know how to love (agape love). He showed me other things about myself, but that was the main thing. When we develop a “dialogue” posture of prayer with the expectation of actually hearing from God and not just being heard, it's amazing what He reveals to us. Great article!

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