Monday, January 3, 2011

Dr. Roz and Kil: Upgrade U

One of my co-workers told me about her friend, who found out that her current boyfriend was cheating on her but that she wasn't gonna leave him because he was a good father figure to her children, has a good job and treats her right vs. the guys that she dated in her past who also cheated on her but treated her bad, couldn't keep a job, weren't nice to her kids, etc. So, her rational was since all of my boyfriends cheated on me, I might as well stay with the one who treats me right and takes care of home vs. trying to find the man who doesn't cheat (which she doesn't believe exists) and losing the "good man" she has now. 

So, after hearing this I felt like I do when I hear about the kids I work with are selling drugs. I don't understand why they do it but at the same time I DO understand why they do it. So I understand where shorty is coming from but it's just sad she feels that way and that her relationships in the past have been THAT bad that she's willing to settle. But in her eyes, she isn't settling because like I said earlier, she doesn't believe ANY man can stay faithful. This reminded me of this comedy special DL Hughley did a minute ago when he was talking about a woman trying to upgrade from a man who doesn't have a job and the new man she got doesn't have a job AND beats her! 
On our radio show we did on the top 5 beefs men have with women, I brought up that in my opinion, almost every relationship that a woman has had prior to marriage, the dudes they were with were cheating on them. But most women either didn't catch them so they don't know or they just deny the facts. So ladies, if you were in this chick's predicament, and you know that ALL your ex's cheated on you, and now your current boyfriend is cheating to, BUT is good to you in all the other aspects of your relationship, what would you do? Stay or keep hope alive that there's a man out there that can be committed to only you? 


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