Friday, February 4, 2011

Dr. Roz and Kil: Should Women Pursue Men?

Dr. Roz's Thoughts
Should a woman ask a man out? This is a very controversial question based on the fact that there are so many wonderful single women who are tired of waiting on that single brother to get his act together to man up to be in a relationship! Harsh I know, but truth is truth. The pursuit is left up to a man for a reason!  Men are hunters by nature, women are not! Regardless of how successful, proactive, or independent we are, it’s just not in our nature to go hunting for a man. Now we may do our part in looking presentable so that we can participate in the chase, but doing the hunt, naw that’s not us.

To answer Kil’s question, I do not think that God wants us to just sit around and not do anything, but wait on our mate! Faith without works is dead, God wants us to prepare ourselves to be the best wife for the husband that he will bless us with. During this time, God wants us to become the best person that we can be, so there is room enough to receive the blessing of who our future husband may be.

Once we are placed in the position of being the pursuer, we become the default blame when the man feels emasculated, or labeled aggressive and intimidating! However as women, I believe we have a way in grabbing the attention of the one that we want to be pursued by, so not all is lost. God did bless us with the gift of seduction! Lol 

My advice to my single sisters, love you, be confident in you, be approachable, love life and choose to be happy, love has a way of finding us!


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