Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Intelligent Life: A Friend Is A Friend 'Til The End

To be honest, I can't remember when I met my dude Beezo. I actually think I heard his name before I met him. It was probably back in '94 when I started hosting Morgan State's hip hop show and the program director used to always talk about how ILL this dude Beezo was on the beats and I just remember being like "I gotta meet this dude." I mean, cats were talking about him like he was some urban legend who didn't really even exist! So when I finally meet him I was expected this him to be crazy arrogant like "yeah, I'm that dude." When in reality he was one of the most humble and down to earth cats I EVER met. At this time I was just starting to really get into making beats and Beezo and my dude Sha both took me under their wings to school me on the beat game and I'm forever indebted to them for showing love. Now ya'll may be like "that's cool and all but what any of this gotta do with marriage?" Believe it or not, it has A LOT to do with marriage, cause you do know that one of the most important attributes in marriage is humbleness right? And Beezo's got the humble game on lock.

After I graduated Morgan I lost touch with him but through the wonderful world of Facebook we linked back up and I was blessed to see that 3 of his kids that he had while we were at Morgan back in the 90's were all now in college! Now sleep if you wanna but that's a HUGE accomplishment and I'm proud of my dude for that. And on top of that he just got married to his wife this past January and they just had their first child together and I mos def salute my dude for handling his business. So with all of that said, check out Beezo's first piece of many for Marriage Exposed.

“A Friend is a Friend ‘til the End”

I used to think marriage was for suckers. The idea of putting stake in an institution that results in 50% of divorces was a waste of time to me. Now I did have proof that a relationship can work well without marriage because my mother & father were separated for most of my life & my father had been with the same woman for as long as I could remember without being married so it just seemed to make perfect sense. I'd seen aunts & uncles get re-married & divorced, sometimes having children before calling it quits, so again, the proof was in the pudding. As I got older & went through a myriad of relationships, and I mean I had had almost every type of relationship with women imaginable, I began to slowly alter my opinion of marriage. Then out of nowhere I met someone who would forever change my attitude about marriage altogether.

I met my best friend. That's it, that's what it took. As I met her family & close friends it only strengthened my feelings for her. In the past, I couldn't stand being around either family or friends if not both but for the first time, I found myself wanting to hang out with her family & friends. That may not be necessary to falling in love with your partner but it certainly helped because during tough times in our relationship it only made the decision to work through the tough times & fight for the relationship an easy decision. That's an important aspect though because I don't care how good your relationship is, at some point there will be some bumps in the road. During these occasions your love & patience will be tested but the thought of losing a love, a best friend AND a beautiful family will make you want to fight for what's important to you.

The whole point I’m making is, friendship is one of if not the most important aspect to a positive working relationship. We cherish our friendships but somehow look at them differently compared to relationships. The truth is though, they’re one & the same. If you’re married to one of your closest friends, chances are you both will share a level of patience & understanding with one another that will make it easier to grow together. So don’t go out looking to find someone to marry. You go out looking to make a best friend.

Brian Hamilton

About the author:

Brian “Beezo” Hamilton is a producer and writer from Mt. Vernon, New York. Brian recently married the love of his life and they share a daughter, Aylen together. Brian has 3 other children he fathered who are all in college. His hope is to share what he has found in his marriage to help others strengthen the bond with their families also.

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