Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sensual Sundays: The Best of Raheem DeVaughn

I first got put on to the “R&B Hippie Neo soul Rock Star” aka Raheem DeVaughn from Philly’s own DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Magnificent” album. His song “For My Peoples” caught my ear and my man Apex was like “if you like D’Angelo, you’ll mess with Raheem." So, I started diggin’ through his mixtapes and was feeling the music and appreciated dude’s grind. This cat was dropping mixtapes more than some of your favorite rappers were and even though nowadays, that’s the norm for these R&B cats but back then that was unheard of and it was Raheem who pioneered that.  With three dope albums under his belt and too many ill mixtapes to mention, it wasn’t hard at all to put together this best of Raheem DeVaughn slow jam mix.

Guess Who Loves You More
Love Drug
Calling Me
Mo Better
She's Not You
Is It Possible
Believe (Live)

The Best of Raheem DeVaughn's Slow Janws

Instructions On How to Download:
#1 - Click the link that will take you to and click the blue button that says "click here to start download from sendspace." DO NOT click any other "download" buttons.

#2 - Pick the destination of the download (exp. Desktop, C drive, My music, etc.)

#3 - Once the file is finished, it's in a zip file and you'll need to unzip it. Right click the zip file and click "extract" and it will pull the music out and put it in a regular folder with the mp3 files.

#4 - At this point you can play the files from your computer but if you want to burn them to CD put the mp3 files into your itunes, real player, etc. library and burn them to CD and enjoy!


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