Thursday, September 27, 2012

Support: The Couple

One thing some people may not know about me is that I'm an independent artist in EVERY sense of the word. Whether it's my music, my photography, my videos, my documentaries, etc. I've got a million hustles so prayerfully one day my wife and I won't have to have the conventional 9-5. So as an independent artist I know the importance of needing support all too well but at the same time I try my best to support other independent artist who are on their grind. Since getting my feet wet in the documentary/short film game I've come across Kickstarter which is a website where independent artist can ask for support for their projects. Basically the artist sets a monetary goal and if that goal is reached in a certain amount of time they get to keep the money but if the goal isn't reached in that amount of time, they don't get anything. So if the goal is $25,000 and they only get $24,999 before time runs out...they get nothing.

The first Kickstarted project I supported was called "Life Essentials with Ruby Dee" which is about the life of Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee which is being directed by their grandson Muta' Ali. Even though it was a relatively small amount I donated to film, it felt good to know that I was a part (even if it was a VERY small part) of making sure this documentary got made and I'm glad to say they met their goal of $50,000 and the documentary will be able to be completed. Last night I came across a new Kickstarter project for a movie being made called "The Couple." (which is directed by Dennis Dortch, the man behind the GREAT independent film "A Good Day To Be Black and Sexy") Now, if ya'll aren't up on "The Couple" PLEASE visit their You Tube Channel cause their web series is HILARIOUS but at the same time it deals with serious situations that ALL couples go through. And since the web series has such a huge following, they've decided to take the series to the next level and start shooting a movie. And just like any other independent project, they need funding. So if you feel led to support this project you can click on the icon to the right of the page (from time to time I'll be posting Kickstarter projects that I think ya'll should support) and help make sure more QUALITY black films are made!


Tracy said...

I absolutely LOVE Black & Sexy TV on YouTube and I love "The Couple!" It's one of the few awesome Black web series that I have become addicted to. I can't wait to see the movie when it's completed!

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