Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The G Spot: Marriage Should Be Treated Like A Business

It's funny when I say that "Marriage should be handled like a business", people have different ideas of what I mean by that statement. I was talking to my wife, Lisa and she told me she didn't like when I say that. She says that its sound cold and emotionless. I had to laugh at that but I understood what she meant. Its not that I'm being cold or anything like that but through my own trial and error, I understand marriage is much more than just falling in love with someone. Those are things that happen when you start getting to know someone or as I call the year of dating "the honeymoon stage." Most times its all good in the honeymoon stage but after year one is when its starts to GET REAL! 
The business aspect of marriage consists of a lot of different things. First let me, say this going out with someone and being married to someone is two completely different levels. Thats not to scare off any singles in fact, it gives something to look FORWARD to. For women, one of the greatest things I've learned as a man is to provide them with a sense of security & commitment. Nothing says that greater than marrying them. Now for any successful business, you must have a plan to succeed. Not only that, but you must meet the needs of the BUSINESS (i.e. meeting the needs of your spouse whether it be spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically.) If you are not willing to do these things, how can your business be a success? Often times, in business the demands or needs of the people change or shift and part of your job is to pay attention to these things and be able & willing to adjust accordingly. That doesn't always mean you'll always make the right decision at first but as long as you put your best foot forward and show the effort, chances are your successes will outweigh your failures.
So to follow up on my wife's idea of me sounding cold and emotionless with my opinion of the business of marriage, I'm actually being the opposite. In BUSINESS, the objective is achieve your goal & provide the best product possible. So I feel like when you have a spouse, you should want them to be the BEST they can be, push them to that limit & help them achieve that success. Remember, your spouse represents you wherever you go, even when your not around. If your spouse looks good and feels good, then they do the same for you & thats ALWAYS GOOD BUSINESS!!!

Gregg Pickett

About the author:

Gregg is a freelance writer from Philadelphia. Gregg recently celebrated his 6th Wedding Anniversary and he speaks to a lot of the things he didn't originally know in the beginning of his relationship and hopes that he can share that knowledge with those who are striving for better relationships so they can avoid some of the pitfalls he has encountered.

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