Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Our Anniversary: Kil & Tanya

I gotta give a HUGE anniversary shout out to my beautiful wife Tanya for 12 wonderful years of marriage! I can't believe that 12 years has flown by this fast! (well, during some seasons of our marriage it kinda dragged on lol) But the thing that has impressed me the most about our marriage is how we've held it down through the good and the bad. And throughout all of that time you've been EVERYTHING to me. God couldn't have blessed me with a more beautiful, wonderful, caring, sexy and God fearing woman to have my back. So, to celebrate all of these wonderful years of marriage that we've shared I had to break out some old school wedding flicks from 12 years ago when we looked like we were 15 years old for everyone to check out!

Also, Roz and I would like to offer an invitation to everybody who rolls with us to share with us your anniversary so we can highlight ya'll. Email us at with the date of your anniversary, as much as you would like to share about your family (how and where ya'll met, how he proposed, etc.) and a flick of your family and we'll post it on your anniversary to shout you out. We all know marriages are struggling and the divorce rate is bananas which is why we have to highlight marriages that are making it happen. So, we don't care if you've been together 1 year or 50 we wanna highlight that you and your spouse are holding it down and celebrate with you!


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