Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Support: "365 Days With Dad - Cbabi Bayoc"

I really started rocking with art in '95 because my dude Sha Dunno had this piece up in his studio that I loved called "Rising" by this artist Justin Bua. I loved it  because it reminded me of Ernie Barne's work but with a graf feel to it. When I first got my first real apartment (not the college apartment but the one you get when you get your first gig) I went out and brought about 4 Bua pieces and I remember thinking I was officially legit cause I had some "real" art on my walls and not that "Sunday after church stuff being sold in a gas station parking lot 2 for $10" paintings on the wall. In fact one of my most prized posseiosons is a autographed Bua piece I copped for my birthday called "The Poet" a couple of years ago that ran me $300. Now I know for some real art coniseurs $300 ain't nuthin but for me...that's like owning the original Mona Lisa!
Since I consider myself an art head now I'm always on the look out for new dope artists and I recently came across this brother by the name of Cbabi Bayoc who's got an ill hand but what really caught my attention was that he's doing this campign called "365 Days with Dad." Cbabi is painting a new piece everyday for an entire year of fathers with their children and to be honest that's one of the ILLEST concepts I've ever heard of. So when you get a chance check out his site and support the brother by liking his facebook page, following him on twitter but more importantly support the brother by coppin' some of his work!


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