Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fab Five: Kil's Top 5 Cheap Dates

Aiight...times are hard out here. I know more people who are unemployed, losing their houses, losing cars, having to cut back on damn near everything, etc. now more then ever. And if you're not careful about how you handle your finances and decision making during these times, this could very well be the season that destroys your marriage. And I know a lot of couples who look at things like "well, if we don't have any money we can't have any fun" and in my opinion nothing could be further from the truth! Because no matter how broke we are, we still gotta have fun right? There's this crazy concept that you can't have fun unless you're spending money but like Jay said "we was so happy poor, but when we got rich/that's when our signals got crossed, and we got flipped." So the moral is that you can still have fun, even when you're hurting for money and here are 5 ideas I came up with for some cheap dates.  

#5 The Smithsonian/The National Zoo: I know this is only for my DMV folk (cause if the museums and/or zoos in your city aren't free most of 'em cost an arm and leg) but with over 19 FREE museums and a FREE zoo with over 2,000 animals, is there any question why this is a great cheap date?

#4 Hit Up A Happy Hour: Aiight, I know this is the spot most folk go to get away from their spouse but wouldn't it actually be dope to get off work and link up with your best friend? (ummm...ya'll do know your spouse is suppose to be your best friend right?) And who can beat half price appetizers and drinks?!?!?

#3 Netflix and Redbox Are Your Friend: Can you beat having over 1,000 movies at your fingertips for $8 a month and right out the box blu ray dvd rentals for $2 a night? Didn't think so.

#2 Matinee Movies: Most movie theaters have matinees before noon for $5. Who says a good movie date has to be at night?

#1 Have Sex: Duh. I know most married folk don't have sex anymore but maybe if ya'll did we'd have less affairs and divorces going on. Try it out ya''s free!!!!!!!!


About the author:

Kil is a relationship coach, producer, writer, photographer, director and co-creator of Marriage Exposed. He has been married 13 years to his beautiful wife Tanya and they have a beautiful daughter together, Naomi. Through Marriage Exposed & coaching couples with Dr. Roz, Kil encourages people to always continue to fight for their marriages and relationships.

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