Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Word Up Wednesdays: Marc Jackson Got the Comps

People ALWAYS ask me, what's the most important thing to have in your marriage so that it can last the test of time? And my answer never changes and it's quite simple...God. And since Roz and I believe that God is the key piece of having a successful marriage, every Wednesday we'll be posting a daily devotions from one of our favorite pastors, Jeffrey Johnson's book "Life Illustrated - Daily Thoughts for Your Daily Walk." Prayerfully ya'll will enjoy them.

"Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you..." - Isaiah 30:18

Once when I was Chaplin for the Indiana Pacers, Mark Jackson hooked me up with tickets for a playoff game in Atlanta. I picked up my two tickets up at the will call window at the Georgia Dome, but in this huge football arena that had been revamped into a basketball stadium for these games, it was difficult to figure out the seating. We showed our tickets to an usher who guided us to some great seats mid court in the sixteenth row. These were excellent seats, so when someone else came along and told us we had his seats, I was determined not to give them up. As we were looking at each other's tickets and trying to figure out who actually belonged in those seats, a security officer came by and offered to help resolve the issue. He looked at my tickets and said, "Man, what are you doing way up here? Your seats are down on the floor!" I had thought I was in the best seats I could get and I was adamant about not giving them up. But better seats were awaiting me. I had to give up the good to get the best.

Some of us are hanging on to what we think is as good as it gets. We're hanging onto a dead end job, a meaningless relationship, a five year plan that failed after the first year, or a ministry within the church that we think is just perfect for us; and we are adamant about not giving up any of these things. All the while, God is waiting, even longing to give us something abundantly above all we could ask or think. In Sonnets from the Portuguese, Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote "God's gift put man's best dreams to shame." We need to give up what we consider good in order to get God's best.

God, we thank You that Your gifts far exceed even our desires. Thank you that when we let go of our trinkets, You give us priceless treasures in their place. Help us, God to let go of what seems good to us in order that our hands are open to receive Your best. Amen.

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