Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sensual Sundays: Jazzmatazz Volume 1

On tap for Sensual Sundays this week is one of my fave smooth jazz mixes I put together called "Jazzmatazz Volume 1." Trust me, if you mess with smooth jazz I'm sure it'll be one of your favorite mixes too.

Bedtime Story
I Get Lonely
So Beautiful Anytime
The Song Lives On
Sara Smile
If Only For One Night
Are You Ready?
For You
I Said I Love You
All About You
In the Rain
My All
Going In Circles
Sax in the Garden

Jazzmatazz Vol. 1

Instructions On How to Download:
#1 - Click the link that will take you to and click the blue button that says "click here to start download from sendspace." DO NOT click any other "download" buttons.

#2 - Pick the destination of the download (exp. Desktop, C drive, My music, etc.)

#3 - Once the file is finished, it's in a zip file and you'll need to unzip it. Right click the zip file and click "extract" and it will pull the music out and put it in a regular folder with the mp3 files. 

#4 - At this point you can play the files from your computer but if you want to burn them to CD put the mp3 files into your itunes, real player, etc. library and burn them to CD and enjoy! 


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