Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Day In The Life of A Single Parent: Reverence

Church-goers, do you remember back in the day when you were a kid sitting in church for long periods of time and sleep would creep up on you or friends would whisper and joke around? And there was always someone sitting next to you that would tell on you? And out of nowhere you would get a stern shut-your-mouth look from your parents. I would ask myself, how did I get caught? My parents were sitting on the first pew. Did they have eyes in the back of their heads? Or how about those famous pinchers or pluckers? If you were talking during church service, one of the saints in church would give you the worst pinch in your life because you were passing ‘I like you’ notes while the preacher was preaching. Some of my friends were caught red-handed sleeping in church. Especially, the teenage boys and most of their fathers were deacons or ministers of the church. The boys would nod off and wake up due to a slap upside their head. For disciplinary action, they would have to stand and hold hymn books during service. Those were some of the hard knocks in church back in the day.

Some folks know what I am talking about while some may be saying, “what in the world is she talking about?” But when I look back on those times, I learned how to respect the pastor when he was preaching the Word of God. Also, the respect I learned trickled down to me respecting authority altogether. And of course, last but not least I learned to have reverence for God and my parents. There were certain kids that didn’t need that extra stern look or beating but I will admit I tested the waters a time or two. But some of the children today have no fear or reverence for adults and definitely not God. Is that what is lacking in our community? No reverence to our parents and God? No more fear of wondering if your parents will cut around the corner and catch you doing something wrong? We all have someone to listen to even as adults. We are not exempt from the law. Also, the reaping and sowing rule pertains to everyone. But we are to represent our parents the right way and that also goes for God as well.

Blessed is the one who always trembles before God, but whoever hardens their heart falls into trouble- Proverbs 28:14 (NIV)

In this verse it states “blessed is the one who always trembles before God." God doesn’t want you walking around in constant fear but He does wants reverence. Reverence means a gesture indicating deep respect. God wants honor and respect. It also states that you will fall into trouble due to disobedience. Now God is not staring down at you with a lightning bolt in his hand but he does love when we are obedient to Him and His Word. He is also disappointed when we harden our hearts to Him and do wrong. There are too many young people that are not respecting authority to the point that the crime rate is high and the jails are overcrowded. We are lacking spiritually and we are suffering deeply because of it. I knew as a kid that I had to represent my family everywhere I went. If I acted badly, my parents said it was a bad reflection of them. I still carry that saying with me till this day. But now I am making better decisions because I am a reflection of my daddy, which is my Heavenly Father. When I mess up, I am still looking over my shoulder saying, “dag God saw that.” But I know that He loves me so much that when I ask for forgiveness, He forgives and throw my sin into the sea of forgetfulness. So I am no longer mad at Sister Thomas for the pinching sessions she gave me when I passed notes in church. It taught me to respect the people around me and more importantly it taught me to respect God. Reverence is key.

Mar Na Carter

About the author:

Mar Na Carter is a proud parent and self-published author of Massive Thoughts: Free Verse Poetry. She resides in the 215 area code (Philadelphia) where she does spoken-word at various events and church functions. God has led her into the world of fiction and in the process of writing a Christian novel for young adults.

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