Monday, December 31, 2012

The Fab Five: The Marriage Exposed Team's 5 New Year Resolutions

To be honest, I haven’t done New Years resolutions for a minute cause I figure as long as you’re breathing you can make a change in your life anytime you want. Here's a really don’t have to wait til January 1st! Lol! But this year I decided to make a couple of changes and I kept falling off with them so maybe the magical mystique of starting January 1st will help me push through all of them. So, since I started coming up with the 5 things I was trying to bang out this year, I decided to reach out to the team and find out what everyone’s resolutions were so that we all could hold each other accountable so we can make sure that all of the things we all want to get accomplished in 2013, actually get done!


1. Spend More Time with God. With everything I got going on (producing music for 10+ artists, writing for Marriage Exposed & Will Make Beats, shooting & editing videos and photos, etc.) I find at the end of everyday asking myself, “did I read today? Did I spend anytime with God?” And 90% of the time in 2012 the answer was no and that’s GOTTA change in 2013.

2. Take Better Care of My Health. Most folk don’t know but for the past 8 years I’ve been dealing with an array of health issues from fibromyalgia & prostatitis to hyper/hypothyroidism and sleep apnea. And a lot of times I get frustrated and “boycott the barbershop” and I don’t take my medication the way I should but in the long run, I realized that I’m only hurting myself so I definitely gotta get better on that front.

3. Lose Weight. Because of all of my health issues, I’ve easily gained a good 15+ pounds that I need to lose. One minute I have hyperthyroidism and I can eat 5 beef patties & cocoa bread and 3 jamaican kolas and not gain a pound & 3 months later I have hypothyroidism and I can eat a piece of broccoli and gain 10 pounds and because of the fibromyalgia I’m in too much pain to work out. So after watching a million Charles Barkley weight watchers commercials during last year’s NBA playoffs, I tried weight watchers and it worked but of course I fell off. So in 2013, I need to get back on point and lose these 15 pounds.

4. Focus On One Thing. For the bulk of my adult life, I’ve always just been a hip hop producer, that’s it. But over the past 2 years, I’ve added photographer, video director, marriage coach and writer to my resume and to say that juggling all of these things plus writing/overseeing 2 blogs sometimes gets a little overwhelming would be an understatement. My goal in 2013 is to focus primarily on my video work and marriage coaching and everything comes after that. Now let’s see if I can stand firm on that.

5. Play Hard. About 10 years ago I heard Latifah say that her motto was “work hard, player harder” and I said to myself “that’s how I wanna live my life.” 10 years later, I can easily say that I’ve worked hard but hardly played. In 2013 it’s time for me and my family to start playing and enjoying life a lot more.


1. Continue to develop my walk with God. This is always my resolution, but at times I can become so busy that I forget that he allows for me to do what I do. I want to always stay humble to God's blessings! Gotta stop second guessing God's direction, erase fear from my vocabulary and completely trust that he will order my steps.

2. Become a better wife! I always think that I play my role as a wife well, but I've never consulted with my husband to see if he feels the same. I would like to be better! I believe there is always room for improvement! I'm still learning my husband after 12 years together and I'm enjoying the process and just want to make sure that I am giving him everything that he needs!

3. Health is always an issue! Just want to make sure that I am always becoming a better me and I realize that I need to make some lifestyle changes!

4. I need to develop my Dr. Roz image more and not be afraid to charge what I'm worth. Money is such an uncomfortable subject for me because I am naturally a giver. I typically leave the money aspect of my household to my husband and for Marriage Exposed business to Kil. But a good friend Dr. Hasani Pettiford told me to stop giving me away for free as if I am not a valuable resource. So in 2013, I am determined to become more assertive about my services as my family has to eat too! lol

5. Develop a better relationship with myself. While at times I am very secure with myself I do have my moments of insecurity. As a result, I need to face those insecurities head on so that they are no longer threats to who God has called me to be!

Mar Na

1. Draw Closer to God. There are times when I am striving to spend time with God. Then there are times when I fall off due to being a single parent, working, school and writing. I must admit that I am guilty of not praying more than five minutes at times or not etching out time to read the Bible. So my goal is to get closer to God by spending more time with Him. So He can feed my soul and renew my strength to fight another day.

2. Healing of My Body. In 2008, I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). A condition that creates multiple cysts on the ovaries and can cause infertility. After I had to accept the dizzy spells, insulin resistance was par for the course, my body continued to go downhill from there. Now I have Endometriosis which causes a lot of pain in the pelvic, back and sometimes leg area. Also infertility, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Anemia and the list goes on and on. Plenty of women end up having a hysterectomy behind this disease. I want to start loving my body, my mind, and my spirit. Some women don't pay attention to their bodies which causes unavoidable red flags. It is time that I eat right, sleep right, and think right. Negative thoughts have an impact as well. I will ask God for strength in this journey of healing. If anyone suffers with Endometriosis/PCOS check out or

3. Grow and Trust More As A Mother. Sometimes mothers do not want to let go of the mommy reign when it comes to our children. But I have to trust my son to make decisions when I'm not around. I get paranoid and worry at times. I just have to leave it in the hands of the Almighty Father. I also want to grow and learn more on how to be the best mother on earth. I know that's a hard feat but that is what I strive for, which causes me to be humble by accepting that I still have room to grow maternally.

4. I Want To Finish This Dag On Novel. I am in the revision stage and I absolutely hate it. I love to write but I can't stand the technical aspects of writing: grammar, theme, margins, etc.

5. Do Not Fear. This one coincides with number 3. I am a worry wart. Yes I am supposed to trust God but fear comes sneaking behind me and taps my shoulder. After the shooting in Connecticut, I worry about my son. The news can really make me depressed at times. But we have to know what is going on in the world. So I will meditate on this particular scripture. 2 Timothy 1:7-For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 


1. I look forward to God increasing my capacity to give to others 

2. I look forward to discovering new things about myself 

3. I look forward to creating a healthy balance in my life 

4. I look forward to traveling 

5. I look forward to seeing my dreams become a reality!


1. Better Man
2. Better Leader
3. Better Father
4. Better Friend
5. Better Son

As I go into my 40th year, Lord willing.....I wanna be in better shape, mentally, financially, spiritually, physically & emotionally!!!


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