Friday, January 4, 2013

Support: The Black Marriage Fest

For the next 29 days Marriage Exposed will be supporting the Black Marriage Fest that's slated to take place in New Orleans this year. If you're familiar with Marriage Exposed then you know Dr. Roz and I are ALWAYS looking to support events, books, art, music movies, etc. that not only support relationships and marriage but that also support families, children and our communities. We truly believe that this event would be an amazing opportunities for couples to be able get together to not only chop it up about the ups and downs of marriage but to also come together to help support each other along this wonderful, crazy ride. As always, if you feel led to contribute financially to this event you can do so here and if you can't contribute financially, please spread the event's link to your friends, family and networks to help get the word out there!

You can follow the event's director on Twitter @Sharita Cenac and @Black Marriage Fest.


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