Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Day In The Life of A Single Parent: Things To Do For Singles On Valentine's Day

As a single, it’s pretty hard to keep a straight face when Valentine’s Day comes around. For some it’s just another day, but for others it’s a reminder that they are still SINGLE! So to help you blow off those Valentine’s Day Blues, I will give you some things to consider.

1. Treat yourself. On Valentine’s Day I usually treat myself to a nice meal or something sweet. If you are on a diet, try shopping at the Incredible Edibles store and get chocolate covered strawberries or just sweet fruit. If you have some extra money, get a manicure or pedicure. You deserve to love yourself. I believe a lot of us lack this trait at times and have to remind ourselves that we come first.

2. Go Out With Your Friends. Plan a gathering or go out to dinner with your friends. In the past, I have attended dinner parties for singles and had a great time. It took away from the feeling of loneliness. You can enjoy yourself and laugh to your heart’s content. That’s what friends are for. If Valentine’s Day is not a good day to hang out, plan the event on a day/evening that will be conducive to everyone.

3. Watch A Non Romantic Movie. I'm a hopeless romantic. But there are times when I get tired of watching romantic movies on the Hallmark Channel that remind me that I'm single. After watching too many ‘tear-jerking movie’ that end of making you feel like crap, you began to wonder if you will die alone with a bunch of cats crawling over your body. Let’s keep it real. So to take away the feeling of hopelessness, watch movies that help you forget about all the hoopla of Valentine’s Day. I must admit I am a true horror fan, so the movie ‘Halloween’ seems to do the trick. Lifetime movies about people making wrong choices in relationships, helps you appreciate singleness as well lol! Trust me on this.

4. Make Your Children Your Valentines. Every year, I either order a Valentine’s Day gift or buy something that my son will cherish. We spend time with each other and usually eat chocolate to our heart's content. I guarantee your children will love you for it!

5. God. John 3:16 says – God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Whosoever believes in him, shall not perish and have eternal life. What a love? So if you think you are lonely, remember God loves you. He can be your Valentine’s Date as well. Spend time with him. He would be so pleased to know you choose him as your date.

Mar Na Carter

About the author:

Mar Na Carter is a proud parent and self-published author of Massive Thoughts: Free Verse Poetry. She resides in the 215 area code (Philadelphia) where she does spoken-word at various events and church functions. God has led her into the world of fiction and in the process of writing a Christian novel for young adults.

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