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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Fab Five: Kil's Top 5 Black Webseries

A minute ago (as a matter of fact a long minute ago) Mad TV had a skit called "Ain't No Blacks On the TV Screen" which basically broke down that there ain't no blacks on the TV screen. But at the time we still had "Girlfriends", "All of Us" "One On One", "Between Brothers", etc. But now, 10+ years after that skit was done, we're faced with the harsh reality that...there ain't no blacks on the TV screen! Yeah, we're sprinkled around here and there but outside "The Game" and "Let's Stay Together" and a RACK of reality TV shows that are setting black folk back 200 years, we're no where to be found. So, what do you do if you actually wanna see more then two blacks on the same show? Head over to You Tube and check out these 5 DOPE webseries that'll hold you down until Hollywood decides to give us that 40 acres and a mule. So, in a nutshell...get used to webseries if you wanna see black folk acting.

"Riding Dirty with Officer Turner"
If you rock with Gabrielle Union, were fans of "Reno 911" and need a GOOD laugh after a long day, then you'll LOVE "Riding Dirty" where Gabby plays a police office who rides for dolo (she'll explain to ya'll what back up is for) and deals with crime in her own way. The thing I love most about "Riding Dirty..." is I had NO idea Gabby could be THIS funny! Check out more episodes of "Riding Dirty with Officer Turner" here...

"Walk This Way"
I've been a fan of Michael William's work since his days as Omar on "The Wire" but just like with Gabby, there's no way I could call this dude doing a comedy series. This go round he plays the pastor of a mega church (yup, "Omar don't scare" is a pastor) who has some off brand ways of giving his congregation "Godly" advice. Check out more episodes of "Walk This Way" here...

"Almost Home"
Ever wonder what happend to Zarai from Robert Townsend's show "The Parenthood?" Well, check out  "Almost Home" which deals with her and her brother moving from Chicago to L.A. after their mother's death to follow their dreams. Check out more episodes of "Almost Home" here...

"Almost 30"
In a nutshell, "Almost 30" deals with a group of friends dealing with the fact that they're almost turning 30 and their lives aren't exactly where they though they would be. Check out more episodes of "Almost 30" here...

"The Couple"
You may remember a minute ago, we had the kickstarted account for "The Couple" under our #Support tab here on Marriage Exposed when they were trying to get funding to do a full feature film. The good news is they successfully got the funding to do the movie but until that drops check out Season 1 of the webseries. And if you rocked with "A Good Day to Be Black and Sexy" then you'll LOVE "The Couple." Why? Cause the creators behind "A Good Day..." are at the helm of "The Couple." This is EASILY my fave web series out the bunch. Check out Season 1 of "The Couple" here...

And if ya'll missed the whole Mad TV "Ain't No Blacks On The TV Screen" skit from back in the day, check it out...


About the author:

Kil is a relationship coach, producer, writer, photographer, director and co-creator of Marriage Exposed. He has been married 12 years to his beautiful wife Tanya and they have a beautiful daughter together, Naomi. Through Marriage Exposed & coaching couples with Dr. Roz, Kil encourages people to always continue to fight for their marriages and relationships.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sensual Sundays: The Best of Prince's Slow Jawns

To say last week's post about my top 5 Prince Slow Janws started a couple of debates here and there would be HUGE understatement. But it's all good cause if you know me, then you know I love a good debate, especially if it's about music. So, regardless of what your favorite Prince slow song is, I can tell you money it's in this mix.

Do Me Baby
How Come You Don't Call Me
When 2 R In Love
The Beautiful Ones
Call My Name
Darling Nikki
I Hate You
International Lover
Diamonds and Pearls
Nothing Compares To You
Purple Rain

The Best of Prince's Slow Jawns

Instructions On How to Download:
#1 - Click the link that will take you to and click the blue button that says "click here to start download from sendspace." DO NOT click any other "download" buttons.

#2 - Pick the destination of the download (exp. Desktop, C drive, My music, etc.)

#3 - Once the file is finished, it's in a zip file and you'll need to unzip it. Right click the zip file and click "extract" and it will put the music in a regular folder with the mp3 files.

#4 - At this point you can play the files from your computer but if you want to burn them to CD put the mp3 files into your itunes, real player, etc. library and burn them to CD and enjoy!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Living Single: Approved or Denied

Anyone who has ever applied for a credit card, home mortgage, or car loan more than likely had to undergo a pre-qualification and pre-approval process in order to determine their credit worthiness. During this process, potential lenders evaluate factors such as salary, payment history, employment, and previous residences when deciding whether or not to extend us a line of credit. Similarly, many singles conduct a pre-screening process of sorts in order to determine an individual’s date worthiness!

Long before rapper Teyana Taylor hit the scene a few years ago with her song “Google Me,” single people often relied on the internet as a tool to find out pertinent information about potential mates based on our very own eligibility criteria. For women who kept a check-list of what they wanted and didn’t want in a man, it’s as if their work was significantly cut in half with the emergence of social media sites and on-line public records. But is it good or bad when singles choose to pre-screen dates? Here are a few of my pros and cons of using the internet as a pre-screening tool:

1. The ability to confirm someone’s marital status if he or she swears they’re single but your gut tells you otherwise.

2. Checking someone’s criminal history as a safety measure. If a person makes you feel threatened or uncomfortable and/or you simply cannot accept the fact that he or she has a committed a crime of any kind, walk away and don’t second guess your decision.

1. Checking someone’s criminal history with malicious or judgmental intent. I listed this as a “con” (no pun intended), because of how the information can be mishandled. Having worked with ex-offenders for nearly 10 years now and knowing firsthand the grace and power of God, I have learned that people can and do change. It’s unfair in my opinion to stigmatize a person who has verifiably changed his or her life.

2. Pre-screening for shared interests, professional and academic similarities. So what if you find out from his FB page that he only has an Associate’s degree, a blue collar job, and hates game night. Relax and enjoy the nice evening out that he planned for the two of you!

3. Keep in mind that YOU may be disqualified based on what someone has learned about you on-line! 

4. Finding out information about someone on-line beforehand makes you feel like you already know that person and you really don’t. How awkward would it be to tell your date something about themselves that they have not shared with you yet?? Now you look like a stalker!

Have I pre-screened dates? Sure, but generally following an initial uneasy feeling that he wasn’t being truthful when we met. My thought is that if it’s justified, go for it. If you find something that doesn’t sit well with you and you are otherwise interested in the person, at least give them a chance to tell you about it.

 Let me know what your thoughts are on this subject! Til next time…


About the author:

Amber is a freelance writer living in Hampton Roads, Virginia. After giving her life to Jesus Christ over 12 years ago, Amber obeyed the urging of the Holy Spirit to serve others who are in need. Amber often meets and encourages single adults to make smart personal decisions that will lead not only to wise relationship choices, but also improve the overall quality of their lives.

Follow her @ Twitter

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Fab Five: Kil's Top 5 Prince's Slow Jawns

Let's get straight to the point on this one...I like Prince better then Michael Jackson. Yeah, I said it and trust me, I mean it! And don't get it twisted, I LOVE Mike (especially his Jackson 5 and pre "Bad" stuff) just not more then Prince. And even if you disagree with me on the who's better tip, you can't front on the fact that Prince has one of the ILLEST slow jam catalogues EVER! And since this isn't the place or time for the "who's better" debate, check out my top 5 Prince slow jawns and maybe, just maybe...I can lead you Mike dudes over to the dark side. And in the immortal words of Dave Chapelle..."game, blouses."

#5 "Do Me Baby" off the album "Controversy"

"Here we are, in the big ole empty room/staring each other down/you want me just as much as I want you/let's stop fooling around/take me baby, kiss me all over/play with my mind/bring out what's been in me for far too long/baby you know that's all I've been dreaming of."

The 1st time I heard this song it was Meli'sa Morgan's version and it took me a minute to do the knowledge and find out that Prince had dropped this song 5 years earlier on his "Controversy" album. But to be honest, it doesn't matter which version you rock with cause you can't go wrong with either one.

#4 "I Hate U" off the album "The Gold Album"

"Right now, I hate you so much, I wanna make love until you see/that's it's killing me baby, to be without you, cause all I ever wanted to do, was to be with you/I hate you because I love you, but I can't love you cause I hate you, because I love you."

Sounds confusing right? Just like most relationships are. I always tell folk that's it's a VERY thin line between love and hate and this song breaks down that statement so it can forever and consistently be broke. A lot of cats say Prince post "Diamonds and Pearls" fell off...word?!?!?! This song disagrees with that statement on so many different levels it doesn't even make sense.

#3 "How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore?" off the B Side to "1999" 

"Sometimes it feels like, I'm gonna die/if you don't call me mama, girl you gotta try/down on my knees, beggin' you please...please"

How one of Prince's dopest songs doesn't make it onto an album still has me shaking my head. But at least A. Keys saw how bananas this song was and flipped it so the younger generation could get schooled on this INCREDIBLE piece of music.

#2 "Insatiable" off of the album "Diamonds and Pearls"

"Turn off the lights/strike a candle/no one that I ever knows, how to handle/my body, the way you truly do/insatiable's my name when it comes to you."

I don't even know where to get started on this song. This song was EASILY the soundtrack to my 11th grade year of high school. This is just another example why Prince got more chicks then Mike.

#1 "Adore" off the album "Sign O The Times"

"Until the end of time, I'll be there for you/you are my heart and mind, I truly adore you/if God one day struck me mind, your beauty I'd still see/love's too weak to define, just what you mean to me."

To be honest, Adore is a top 5 ALL time slow jawn in my book. There's just TOO much to be said about this song from the lyrics, the's just flat out perfect. Not to mention, I don't know if there's EVER been a truer statement that a dude in love could make then when Prince said "you can burn up my clothes, smash up my ride...well, maybe not the ride." Not to mention this gave a RACK of horny teenagers back in the mid 80's the perfect soundtrack to TRY to get busy to.


About the author:

Kil is a relationship coach, producer, writer, photographer, director and co-creator of Marriage Exposed. He has been married 12 years to his beautiful wife Tanya and they have a beautiful daughter together, Naomi. Through Marriage Exposed & coaching couples with Dr. Roz, Kil encourages people to always continue to fight for their marriages and relationships.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Sanctuary: Why?

I can't front...I've NEVER been a fan of poetry. I mean, there is some poetry I rock with but when poets start making their words real long like thiiiiiiiis...yeah, that's about it for me. But the other day we got this poem in our inbox and I actually dug it. The person who submitted it asked if we post poetry and my response was we post any and everything that deals with love & relationships. So with that being said, check out Marriage Exposed's first poem on tap for "The Sanctuary."

Why do I allow him to take my strength?
Why, when I know better, do I go to such lengths?
Unnecessary lengths that I know will not prevail
It seems as though my logic is covered by a veil
Is it my fault that I need to be heard?
At times I wanna close my eyes, and fly away like a bird
I'm not sure what to do about this so called thing named Love
I just know that the endless drama,
I am tired of Should I take the red pill, or should I take the blue pill?
And when I wake up, will I be in love still??
Is there seriously no merciful cure?
How much more do I have to endure?
When will the light shine bright and clear?
Shine bright light; show me a new future is near!
Guide me up the path to no confusion or chaos
Please, I'm tired; I've already suffered a tremendous loss I'm not sure how I got here;
I was clear on my path and firm in my space
But my heart started beating again when I tasted his lips, and touched his face
A feeling that I thought I would never again feel in life
Which oddly can feel the same as being cut with a knife
I choose my path of clarity and light I'm an injured soldier and give up on the Love fight
One that I've fought for so long and tried to hold so tight
My arms are tired and I don't even care who wins or who's right