Monday, April 15, 2013

The Sanctuary: Why?

I can't front...I've NEVER been a fan of poetry. I mean, there is some poetry I rock with but when poets start making their words real long like thiiiiiiiis...yeah, that's about it for me. But the other day we got this poem in our inbox and I actually dug it. The person who submitted it asked if we post poetry and my response was we post any and everything that deals with love & relationships. So with that being said, check out Marriage Exposed's first poem on tap for "The Sanctuary."

Why do I allow him to take my strength?
Why, when I know better, do I go to such lengths?
Unnecessary lengths that I know will not prevail
It seems as though my logic is covered by a veil
Is it my fault that I need to be heard?
At times I wanna close my eyes, and fly away like a bird
I'm not sure what to do about this so called thing named Love
I just know that the endless drama,
I am tired of Should I take the red pill, or should I take the blue pill?
And when I wake up, will I be in love still??
Is there seriously no merciful cure?
How much more do I have to endure?
When will the light shine bright and clear?
Shine bright light; show me a new future is near!
Guide me up the path to no confusion or chaos
Please, I'm tired; I've already suffered a tremendous loss I'm not sure how I got here;
I was clear on my path and firm in my space
But my heart started beating again when I tasted his lips, and touched his face
A feeling that I thought I would never again feel in life
Which oddly can feel the same as being cut with a knife
I choose my path of clarity and light I'm an injured soldier and give up on the Love fight
One that I've fought for so long and tried to hold so tight
My arms are tired and I don't even care who wins or who's right


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