Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sensual Sundays: The Best of Dwele people have been getting at me saying they love the slow jam mixes but every now and then could I throw together sumthin that's a cool out mix that's a mixture of both uptempo and slow jam bangers. So with that said, check out my best of Dwele mix that's guaranteed to be dope at BBQ's, when cats comet through to play spades or just chillin' with your shorty over a glass of wine. Prayerfully this is exactly what cats have been asking for. And who can front on Dwele? 

Find A Way
A Pimp's Dream
Know Your Name
A.N.G.E.L. (interlude)
Open Your Eyes
Down Jimmy
I'm Cheating
I Think I Love You
Sho Ya Right
A Few Reasons
I Understand
Weekend Love
My People
Working On It
Dime For Your Thoughts
Keep On
A.N.G.E.L. (reprise)

The Best of Dwele

Instructions On How to Download:
#1 - Click the link that will take you to and click the blue button that says "click here to start download from sendspace." DO NOT click any other "download" buttons.

#2 - Pick the destination of the download (exp. Desktop, C drive, My music, etc.)

#3 - Once the file is finished, it's in a zip file and you'll need to unzip it. Right click the zip file and click "extract" and it will put the music in a regular folder with the mp3 files.

 #4 - At this point you can play the files from your computer but if you want to burn them to CD put the mp3 files into your itunes, real player, etc. library and burn them to CD and enjoy!


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