Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Support: 2nd Annual Bosobel Camp In Jamaica

If you come through here enough you know that me and Dr. Roz love to support people's endeavors especially if it's dealing with marriage/family or a good cause. And our newest #Support effort is mos def for a good cause. A lot of cats know I work with teens in SE Washington DC and a lot of folk ask me what they can do to help out or  how they can help support. Well, I'm glad ya'll asked (even if you didn't actually ask) cause my homegirl Titi is having a fundraiser for her camp in Jamaica this summer and I would LOVE for the Marriage Exposed Family to get behind this venture. I met Titi a couple of years ago when we both wrote for Couch Sessions and she reviewed me and Vegas' first album "The Grey Area" and we've been cool ever since. (and not just cause she gave our album a DOPE review) As long as I've known Titi, I've know that she has a PASSION for helping kids and a love for Jamaica, so this summer camp is truly a labor of love for her. Now trust, this ain't no Sally Strutters "you can buy an african kid for 10 cents a day" scam cause if I cosign it AND put my money behind, you can bet it's on the up and up. Titi is asking for ANY help you can give and no amount of money is too small. Her goal is $1,500 so, do me this justice and don't hit up Starbucks today, take your lunch to work with you and put back that new Kanye album (it's wack me) and use that money to help a kid who is less fortunate. So, PLEASE take a sec out your day and visit her Go Fund Me account here and check out Titi's story on why she's SO passionate about helping kids. Also follow her on Twitter for updates on what's going on with the camp  and if you feel lead to donate, you can click on the link to her Go Fund account which is in the right sidebar on this site. Thanks as always for the support ya'll show the projects Roz and I get behind.

Meet some of the kids Titi worked with last year in Jamaica and the final day of the camp.


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